Planned Use

ResponStor® Body Storage System - Planned Use

Hospitals / Public Mortuaries

A portable, modular body storage unit designed specifically to provide the best solution to relieve storage pressure in mortuaries and crematoria.

The Nutwell ResponStor® Body Storage System addresses the problems associated with current storage facilities and negates the need for large and expensive refrigeration units that are often slow to arrive, difficult to house, and cold to work in.

Designed to service the demands of mortuaries running ever closer to capacity, the Nutwell ResponStor® Body Storage System is the effective body storage tool.

This space-saving, climate-controlled unit offers the best solution to mortuary overflow, both at expected peak times and as a quick response to unexpected mortality incidents that are now so much a part of today’s society.


Easy to store and operateIdeal for use indoorsFlexible lease or purchase
Each 12-body unit can be stored flat pack Exerts a small, low pressure footprint Options to match user requirements
Compact, highly portable and easy to assemble Highly mobile, lightweight and resilient
15-minute assembly time, no tools needed Climate-controlled, energy efficient
Ergonomic design meets international lifting regulations Powered by any suitable electrical source
Easy to clean and decontaminate
12-body units expandable to 96 bodies