Nutwell provides the world’s largest temporary and semi-permanent storage rental pool.

With systems rented throughout Europe and North America, Nutwell provides users with cost effective, rapidly deployed storage.

In addition to storage Nutwell can also provide consumables, lifting and handling equipment; even complete buildings.

Systems can quickly be operational anywhere in the world and with a host of supporting equipment and consumables.

Rental has significant advantages over procurement:

  • It provides Modern Equipment: Rental agreements allow businesses to obtain the best possible equipment, at a fraction of the purchase cost for other body storage system rental.
  • Preserves capital: Renting frees up capital, which can be used for other projects, rental costs are also funded by in year operational income.
  • Storage flexibility: If storage capacity is seasonal then renting allows you to increase capacity only when needed in the most cost-effective way. 
  • Repair and Maintenance: With high value equipment, repair and maintenance costs can be expensive. When renting through us all maintenance is included in the cost. 
  • Servicing: All our rental equipment is regularly serviced and maintained; this reduces the risks of any breakdowns and down time for your mortuary.

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