Unbeatable Low Cost of Ownership With ResponStor® Temporary Morgues 

Nutwell ResponStor® systems benefit users with exceptionally low cost of ownership that no other system provides.

15BSS Some users are now experiencing a projected lifespan of 30 years with their ResponStor® systems, and possibly more. Originally designed-in with this characteristic, users have been able to experience very little in-life maintenance and very low failure rates.

Savings accrue from the outset with users experiencing a simple design that negates training.

Year-after-year systems can be deployed without fuss maintaining dignity for the deceased, their families, and staff.

As capacity demands are likely to increase naturally over time, systems can be added to and refrigerated from the original fridge pack thereby reducing cost of ownership still further.

Ongoing environmental compliance with a fridge pack that is simple to maintain and upgrade. Far outliving trailers and other mortuary systems, ResponStor® systems are the only system you will ever need.

To learn more about the ResponStor® refrigerated morgue systems, click here.


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