Marine Body Bag 2020

Marine body bag for marine extrication. The unique design enables the bag to be washed and reused thereby reducing consumables costs. The mesh design reduces drag in flowing water, and also reduces extrication weight by allowing water to drain away. Fitted with a SOLAS approved water active LED flashing light enabling easier use in low light, brackish or muddy waters. The light is located on the port side enabling the diver to grip the light and pull the drawstring to starboard. Out of the water the light is switchable on and off, is certified to 5-bar, and is easily replaced. The bag has a drawstring closure, six holding/lifting webbing handles and can be used with the Nutwell marine extrication scoop.

Size: 2.45m x 1m


Colour: White/Yellow

Material: Polyester

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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