4th January 2021

Nutwell Logistics is now operational in the U.S. and Canada. 

Europe’s leading supplier of cadaver storage solutions, Nutwell Logistics, is now available (and rapidly expanding) across North America. Operating from our new Canadian warehouse, we are now able to vastly increase supply and delivery of our body cooling systems across states. We offer refrigerated body storage solutions that can be used for surges in demand or as a permanent storage option. Our systems provide dignity to the deceased, even body cooling and are simple to use, making Nutwell a no.1 choice for body storage.

  • Nutwell® offers a fully integrated system, providing users with maximum operational flexibility to manage, store and relocate the deceased.

  • The standard ResponStor® fits 12/15 cadavers and can be expanded to fit up to 150.

  • Compact, easy to assemble (functional in 20 minutes!) and store, ready for action.

  • Highly portable, easy to move to location as required and super effective for mass fatality incidents.

  • Long-term asset that can be used over and over again, already on hand for future situations.

  • Useful tool for COVID death management.

  • Provides dignity to the deceased.


For a comprehensive quote or for more information, phone 1-888-884-0104 or email sales@nutwelllogistics.com today.