3rd December 2020

The Nutwell ResponStor® temporary morgue system is the perfect match for the 463L Master Pallet, a pallet used for transporting military cargo. 

Quick to be put into action, the ResponStor® is designed to be packed and manouvered into position with ease.

The ResponStor® gets carried on the 463L fully functioning, providing a dignified way to transport up to 15 bodies whilst keeping them cool and preventing decomposition. 

Perfectly suited for use during peacetime operations or in combat.

To the right is a diagram which shows how the body storage system is safely secured whilst on the move with the 463L. Below is a close-up of the temporary morgue unit in operation on the master pallet. 

If you want to find out more about how we can help with body transportation, email us on sales@nutwelllogistics.com or phone 0800 055 6393 today.