17th August 2022

With the country set to face unbearable pressures across emergency and healthcare sectors for the foreseeable future, Nutwell® Logistics has taken action to ensure supply of flexible morgue storage, known as the ResponStor®, can meet demand. 

Nutwell®'s goal is to support hospital pressures with flexible morgue storage that is:

  • Highly portable - Easy to move to location.
  • Solving logistical problems rapidly - Up and functional in 30 minutes. 
  • Low cost of ownership - Original systems are still in service after over fifteen years. 
Nutwell® prides itself on its ability to act fast, read what happened when an organization in Florida required 14 systems in an emergency here

Learn More About The World Leading ResponStor® Solution

The ResponStor® portable morgue is designed to handle surges in death rates and support mass fatality situations with compact, high-density decedent storage for small places. Organizations with fewer resources have the flexibility to provide storage of decedents.

How to Buy?

Purchasing allows your organization to benefit from a long-term asset. Rental increases the capacity of mortuary space in the short term. 

  • Speak to Kira from Nutwell® Logistics today at kira@nutwelllogistics.com or phone 1-888-884-0104


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