31st August 2021

Cases of Covid have been surging in Florida in recent days, which is causing record weekly death tolls. In the week ending 26th August, Florida recorded 1,727 Covid related deaths. 

The healthcare system in Florida is being overwhelmed with hospital morgues reaching capacity even with rented refrigerated coolers already in place. Florida has lower vaccination rates than the national average which some are suggesting could be the reason behind the record breaking death rates. 

Due to a 'disaster declaration' not being declared for Florida, the hospitals are unable to access extra state support and are taking matters into their own hands. 

Nutwell Logistics was contacted on Thursday 26th August with a potential request for 14 12BSS temporary morgue units and by Monday 30th August, the systems were being shipped over the border from Canada. The Executive Director for the Central Florida Disaster Medical Coalition, Lynne Drawdy, commented

"The hospitals are the ones who chose what we purchased. They looked at all of the different options available, and they chose the ones that work best for them".

The Nutwell Logistics ResponStor® systems will go directly to the hospitals and, due to the portable nature of the systems, will be moved as needed. 

Nutwell Logistics ResponStor® systems are often used to manage morgue overflow due to their ease of use. The systems can be up and ready to use in 30 minutes and easily stored using our portable trolley systems when not needed.

Nutwell Logistics prides itself on treating the deceased with dignity and providing customers with unbeatable lead times so that systems can be in service at a moment's notice. 

It is important to have a plan in place for emergency preparedness and excess death management. Get in touch today if you deal with excess death management and Nutwell Logistics can put a contingency plan in place for you.