17th January 2021

Nutwell Logistics english warehouse has been working day and night in efforts to support the U.K through this pandemic. One of Nutwell's most recent installations was put together for a client who needed to provide an extensive amount of extra capacity for bodies, after the usual facilities within local hospitals were unable to cope with the demand. Naturally, the same high level of dignity for the deceased was required, aswell as health and safety and hygiene protocol, making our storage systems the perfect solution to the problem.

Due to the seriousness of the situation, our body stores needed to be put in place as soon as possible and our efficient team got to work. 

After one of our engineers visited the site, free of charge, to assess the suitable requirements available to the client and receiving confirmation the client was happy to proceed, we began to deliver on our proposed installation. Less than two weeks later, the client  now has over 20 of our temporary morgue systems on a rental basis, therefore when the body cooling systems are decommissioned we can take the stores away. Being able to rent our systems provided the client with a short-term cost effective option for a temporary excess in deaths whilst the areas mortuaries are over subscribed. 

If you require a temporary solution for an excess in deaths, contact us today on 0800 055 6393 or email sales@nutwelllogistics.com