Why Choose the ResponStor® Over A Refrigerated Truck 

Is a large, noisy trailer emitting toxic fumes really what you need in order to provide emergency body storage? 

Refrigerated trailers attract unwanted media attention and require a huge amount of space. The noise and fumes create a hostile environment that is unnecessary and much more expensive than the alternative.

There are better ways to support surges in death rates and mass fatality events that can enhance your mortuary response tool kit. If you are looking for a solution that provides flexibility, compact decedent storage and is easily moved to location, the ResponStor® is the answer. 

Nutwell Logistics is here to help you make the right choice. 

Nutwell Logistics ResponStor® temporary morgue systems have many advantages over large, expensive and all consuming refrigerated trailers. 

Nutwell's mobile morgue systems encompass a compact design requiring minimal space, removing operational problems and providing diginity to the deceased. Its design stays unnoticed and the use of multiple morgue systems will allow a bigger body storage capability in a smaller space than a refrigerated trailer. 

To learn more about the ResponStor® refrigerated morgue systems, click here.

What Is The Difference Between a Morgue Trailer And The ResponStor® Mobile Morgue?

Responstor V trailer comparison

The True to Life Size Comparison

The ResponStor® is very compact compared to a 54 foot trailer, it offers higher density storage and increased flexibility. Use one ResponStor® alone to store up to 15 decedents. Or connect nine ResponStor® systems together, (in the same space as a trailer and ramp uses) and have more available storage for up to 135 decedents.

ResponStor Vs Trailer

 Hear About The ResponStor® From A Customer

The ResponStor® units are light, portable and easy to setup and tear down and run on a standard 110v plug. The refer unit is much quieter and maintains the temps just above freezing. They also can be setup inside a building. Deploying them can be done with a pickup or box truck, or a trailer. I setup the unit for CSCA Training, and I did by myself, in just under an hour.  With multiple staff this can be done in minutes. "

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