Rent The ResponStor® System On A Short Or Long-Term Basis

Nutwell provides the world’s largest temporary and semi-permanent storage rental pool. With systems rented throughout Europe and North America, Nutwell provides users with cost effective, rapidly deployed storage.

It may be that you are only needing use of our temporary body stores for a short period or time or that you simply want us to supply the body store to you when you need it. In this case, renting may be your preferred option. Please note, we only have a limited number of our mortuary units available to rent.

Rental has its advantages over procurement:

  • Modern equipment: Rental agreements allow businesses to obtain the best possible equipment, at a fraction of the purchase cost for other body storage system rental.
  • Preserves capital: Renting frees up capital, which can be used for other projects, rental costs are also funded by in year operational income.
  • Storage flexibility: If storage capacity is seasonal then renting allows you to increase capacity only when needed in the most cost-effective way.
  • Repair and maintenance: With high value equipment, repair and maintenance costs can be expensive. When renting through us all maintenance is included in the cost.
  • Servicing: All our rental equipment is regularly serviced and maintained; this reduces the risks of any breakdowns and down time for your mortuary.

The rental contract provides users with on-site (pre-positioned) temporary body storage systems for an annual fee that equates to four weeks’ rental with a minimum 3-year contract.

Internal and external units are available on the programme. The only external systems on the programme are 12, 15 and 18 body systems. If you require larger mortuary systems, we can supply on demand so please get in touch.

If our body storage systems (hard shell versions only) are stored outside, then the maximum contract length is 7-years before formal planning permission should be obtained.

The contract includes:

  • A complete system
  • Cloud based data logging
  • Maintenance
  • The system is fitted with a 3G/4G combined data and switch that is used by air ambulance services.

The system can be remotely operated and monitored by phone and cloud-based software. Up to 200 phone users can be given codes that enables the monitoring and, or, activation of the following:

Temperature:  This is monitored at pre-selected intervals and can also be set to alarm if the system temperature goes out of range.

On/Off:  The system can be monitored and switched from either the software or a phone user.

Door Opening and Closing:  For hard shell mortuary storage, the system will send data points for each opening and closing.  It can also be set to alarm for unauthorised or out of hours access.

Maintenance:  The system will alert for pre-defined periodic maintenance.

P3 provides users with resilience with minimal financial outlay, or risk.  Four weeks' use is included in the annual fee and further use is then charged at the same pro-rata rate and invoiced weekly.

For further information or for a comprehensive quote,
please contact or phone us today on:

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