"We have a very small mortuary and ResponStor® is the ideal solution for us. We use it when we have a surge in demand, and when it's not in use it is very easy to take apart and store. By doing this, we optimise the available space."

"Although we didn't have the budget or space for permanent refrigeration units, ResponStor® fulfils the same requirements and is affordable! Moreover, we're pleased that it's very easy to assemble, and because of its simplicity all the mortuary staff were trained in its use in under an hour."

"In this time of recession, it's very important that it is affordable and it its running costs are low. It only requires a standard electrical source to make it work. We don’t need to buy special products to clean it as we can use ours. In addition we don’t need any tools to assemble it. This is very economical indeed."

"I was really surprised how compact the ResponStor® is. We were able to install it in one of our two viewing rooms. That gave us a 25% increase in capacity without any disruption to our normal processes and operational capability."

"Our primary concern with having temporary storage was dignity and respect for the deceased. ResponStor® was the only solution that I could find that provided the level of dignity and respect on a par with our permanent storage. An excellent and invaluable asset to our mortuary."

"For us, the bariatric option definitely makes a difference. Recently we had to store the victims of a fire. They could not be accommodated in our normal storage units but the bariatric storage in the ResponStor® stored them easily.."

"We initially purchased our ResponStor® to help us through our season peak demand period of December through to February. It is now August and we are still using it! Without the ResponStor® we would have had a major crisis on our hands and would have been solely reliant on the goodwill of our local funeral directors."

"We recently had to operate a temporary mortuary facility which included two ResponStor® units. The Human Tissues Authority were aware of the ResponStor® system and granted our licence promptly."

"The reason that the ResponStor® works for us is that it is so simple. Simple to erect, simple to take down, simple to use, simple to clean and simple to store. It does what says it will do without any fuss."

"We work very closely with our Local Resilience Forum the ResponStor® we use in the hospital mortuary is also available for deployment at the scene of a sudden impact mass fatality. By deploying the ResponStor® scene victims are handled with respect and dignity from the start of the identification process."