About us

Nutwell Logistics was founded in 2006 after noticing a clear need for temporary body storage. We have since grown to become one of the world’s largest suppliers of temporary body storage systems. Alongside mortuary body storage, Nutwell’s portfolio also includes permanent mortuary fridges, mortuary equipment and permanent buildings. Nutwell Logistics is a key partner to hospitals, police forces and military around the world.

Our most popular body storage systems are our hard and soft-shell body storage solutions, also known as ‘ResponStor®’ systems. These temporary morgue systems have made their way all over the world and are used as part of disaster management. They provide dignity to the deceased and efficiency for Disaster Victim Identification. Our temporary mortuary systems are also used when hospitals are experiencing increased mortuary demand, we are also able to help hospitals with their permanent mortuary storage. Many police forces worldwide own and have access to our body storage systems so that when the situation arises our morgue systems can be transported to the necessary location at a moment’s notice.

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